During the funeral where a traditional burial will be performed, the family will need to bring the coffin from the funeral home to the cemetery where a plot has been prepared. This will be possible through proper planning of the funeral transportation.

If you are planning to conduct funeral services or a memorial for the deceased, the transportation of the body will be after the ceremony.

Here are some information and facts on how the transport should be carried out:
• The coffin where the body is placed should be transported in a separate vehicle. The casket shall be carried by a hearse where a space is specifically allocated for the size of the coffin. You can ask the funeral home on whether or not the use of the hearse has been included in the funeral plan that was selected by the deceased.

• The hearse will be followed by another vehicle that will be carrying all of the flowers that were displayed in the church. If there are friends and families that have sent flowers in your home, there is no need to bring them with you. There are a lot of funeral plans wherein the hearse and the flower transport are included in the funeral prices. So always ask the director before renting out any other vehicles for the same purpose.

• During the funeral transport, it is better for the relatives to stick together. If your budget will allow, you can hire a vehicle that will be large enough to accommodate all of the immediate family members such as a black stretch limousine. If you plan on using your own vehicle, it will be nice to ask someone outside the immediate family to drive the car. The automobile should be following the car carrying the funeral flowers or immediately after the hearse.